RxOrbit Provides New PDMP Technology Options for States Addressing Opioid Epidemic

Columbia, MD – January 3, 2018 – The nationwide opioid epidemic rages on, with no signs of abating.  According to the federal government, over 90 people lose their lives to an opioid overdose each day in the U.S.  While the crisis defies easy answers, experts agree that new technologies are necessary to reduce its impact and—ultimately—bring it to an end. 

Against this backdrop, Leap Orbit has launched its RxOrbit suite of innovative technology solutions to combat the opioid epidemic.  With more than 30 years’ collective experience bringing health information exchange (HIE), interoperability, and clinical decision support software to market, the Leap Orbit team is redefining prescription drug monitoring. 

“We’ve taken cutting-edge technologies like machine learning and Smart on FHIR and applied them to the world of controlled substance data,” said Mrinal Bhasker, a Leap Orbit partner.  “This is a no-brainer now that every state requires pharmacies to submit data to a prescription drug monitoring program, or PDMP, and nearly thirty states require prescribers and dispensers to check for a history of dependence or drug-seeking.”

RxOrbit is different because it delivers PDMP data directly to the clinician’s fingertips in flexible, workflow-friendly ways.  In addition to supporting Smart on FHIR, RxOrbit’s open architecture allows hospitals, health systems and pharmacies to develop their own integrations using a range of standards.  An open platform not only better serves the needs of the healthcare community, it is also significantly more cost effective than the solutions available today.

“Historically, the PDMP market has been controlled by vendors with a closed view of the data.  They have viewed data as an asset to be controlled and monetized in as many ways as possible, instead of viewing it as a resource to be shared—with the right privacy and security controls, of course—on an open platform,” said David Finney, a Leap Orbit partner.

“RxOrbit changes that, by giving the prescribers and dispensers more control over the information they need to make better decisions.  This benefits healthcare organizations, but it will also benefit the patients they serve.”

The RxOrbit suite is comprised of four components:

  • Data Platform – A complete data collection, mastering, and data access platform for state PDMP data processing and delivery. 
  • InWorkflow App – Compliant controlled-substance data and alerts embedded directly into the patient chart or pharmacy point-of-sale interface using open APIs and modern app standards, such as Smart on FHIR
  • Data Validation Toolkit – Data validation engine that provides end-to-end visibility for your state’s existing PDMP data platform
  • Overdose Fatality Review App – A workflow management system for conducting overdose fatality investigations

RxOrbit is built on Microsoft Azure cloud platform, providing best-in-class enterprise security, infinite scalability, and high availability.  It also allows RxOrbit to be deployed in minutes and data to be migrated from a legacy system rapidly and at minimal cost. 

About Leap Orbit

At Leap Orbit, we have big dreams.  But we also understand that the path to achieving them is lined with opportunities to learn and grow.  Healthcare institutions are being asked to use technology in new and ever more complex ways to transform the way care is delivered and paid for.  Leap Orbit engages trend-setters and policymakers at the federal and state levels to shape the technology that drives the industry.  We understand how to bring large-scale initiatives to market in dynamic, multi-stakeholder environments to build and deliver products that change the way healthcare is delivered