What would PDMP look like if you designed it yourself?

Chances are, the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program you always imagined would borrow many key ideas from the world of health information exchange, or HIE. In fact, the PDMP Training and Technical Assistance Center at Brandeis University recently identified the alignment of PDMPs and state HIEs as an emerging best practice that can help drive adoption and impact. Here are six ways that the core concepts of HIE can benefit your PDMP:

  1.  Use open APIs to deliver data in workflow-friendly ways, without being held hostage  by vendors looking to monetize every click

  2.  Incorporate complementary datasets into PDMP presentation, for more impactful clinical decision-making

  3.  Bring the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence to better predict risk

  4.  Leverage established interstate sharing agreements for both clinical and PDMP data

  5.  Capitalize on 90/10 Medicaid matching funds from the federal government for sustainability

  6.  Partner with organizations in the public and private sector to drive a range of new use cases, from real-time overdose notifications and fatality reviews