At Leap Orbit, we have big dreams.  But we also understand that the path to achieving them is lined with opportunities to struggle, learn and grow.  Healthcare institutions are being asked to use technology in new and ever more complex ways to transform the way care is delivered and paid for.  Throughout, the Leap Orbit team has been engaged with trend-setters and policymakers at the federal level and across the states to shape the technology that drives the industry:

  • We are building products that change the way healthcare is delivered.
  • We serve on an interdisciplinary team that is redesigning healthcare delivery in Maryland, a closely-watched initiative to apply a value-based model at a statewide scale.
  • We have been responsible for sourcing more than $35 million in federal grants, cooperative agreements and contracts focused on implementing technology to transform the nation's healthcare delivery system. 
  • We have developed and implemented technology programs using innovative state and private-sector funding mechanisms. 
  • We understand how to bring large-scale initiatives to market in dynamic, multi-stakeholder environments.


DeterminationWe act and we act with purpose committed to constant improvement of ourselves, our team, and our results.  

Innovation:  We push boundaries.  We seek to cultivate fresh ideas and novel solutions through collaboration.  

Flexibility: We acclimate, adjust, and master.   We pursue personal and organizational excellence in all environments.  

Empathy: We understand.  We embrace our clients' needs and actively pursue our shared goals.